Mortgage Specialist – Leo Orellana

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Unit 206, 1230 91 Street SW, Edmonton, AB T6X 0P2

I am a Real Estate Secured Lending Specialist with 10 years experience working for the second largest bank in Canada.I specialize in all forms of Residential Financing offered by the bank as well as have extensive experience in Day to Day and Small Business banking products and procedures. My home branch is located on Parsons and Ellerslie Rd. I am proud to have help over 700 households acquire financing for what traditionally is one of the largest and most important financial transactions of their lives. As the lending landscape continues to change in Canada I continue to further my professional education and training that which keeps my level of knowledge and service I provide to my clients current and relevant. I work by referral and depend on my network to support my business. As with any reciprocal relationship, I too also look for opportunities to support the partners within my network in an effort to continue supporting our businesses and community members by connecting them with qualified and
experience professionals.